Meet the Alchemy Cleaning Team

Dave Jones

Managing Director

Failed Law Student and onetime unemployed person, my mother suggested in 1985 I might start off a window cleaning round. So the foundations of Alchemy were laid, during which I have done all the jobs I expect of my colleagues with varying degrees of success.

Outside of work, I enjoy seeking the company of fish, again with varying levels of success. The rest of my time I spend studying and researching, the subject matter of which I prefer to draw over a discrete veil...

Karen & Jess Bennett

Operations Manager & Assistant

Karen and Jess run the Operations side of the business, probably the most demanding part of the company, so we all try to be really nice to them and buy them cakes and things.

Karen started out as a cleaner and has risen through the ranks to pretty much running the company when the boss isn’t around. Jess used to work for one of our major clients and when the opportunity arose, she came to work for us, good shout.

Outside work Karen enjoys sitting watching the tide come in and go out. Jess does what all young people should be doing, so us older ones don’t really know what that is.

Peter Bennett

Client Account Manager

Pete Bennett (or Mr Alchemy as we like to call him) was a former well-respected Site Manager on one of our major sites, and when the role of Client Account Manager arose, he was the perfect man for the job.

His formidable ‘can do’ attitude can be a constant burden to the Operations Department, but we love him dearly for it. Popular with all our clients and office dog alike, he is the man you are most likely to see.

Outside work, Pete enjoys making things.

Simon Cocks

Specialist Cleaning Operative

Simon is another long-term member of the team, and over the last few years has been solely responsible for heading up our Specialist side of the business and is our expert when it comes to carpet cleaning and hard floor maintenance. What he doesn’t know about carpets, vinyl floors and the like, you could write on the back of a postage stamp. We think he probably has more qualifications than a South American General has medals.

Very popular with all our clients, we have yet to find someone that doesn’t like him, although we are working very hard on it. Outside work he leads a quiet, sedate life which leads us to suspect he may be a spy.

Becki Smith

Sales and Marketing

Becki is the newest member of our team and is responsible for Sales and Marketing, which means if you don’t like this website, blame her... 

To say she breezed into our corporate life is something of an understatement, the words hurricane or tornado come to mind but these are the attributes we consider essential in Sales & Marketing, as well as in the incapacity to understand the meaning of the word ‘No’.

Outside trials of working with Alchemy and the Office Dog Alfie, she is an established thespian type and teaches children how to tread the boards with style. She also likes music, apparently.

Kim & Becki Hawkes


At 19 years and counting, Kim is proud to be the longest standing member of our office staff. Overseeing the administration of the office, she routinely grills suppliers and those wishing to access Petty Cash. She's also good at scaring off cold callers. Outside of work she enjoys going away with her family to Devon. We're not sure if her family enjoy it.

Beck shares the office Admin with her sister Kim, although not at the same time as they will only row. Like Kim, she oversees the smooth running of the office and takes phone calls. If you do phone in, it's likely to be her you talk to, so please be nice. When she gets a bee in her bonnet about something, she just won’t give up, so her colleagues will try and avoid her. Away from work, she invades stages at Christmas Parties. She is always cold.

Mandie Rodgers


Mandie looks after the accounting side of things and is loved by our suppliers because she pays them and hated by late payers because she won’t give up until the money is in the account. Meticulous in her accuracy and reporting she has transformed our accounting system for which we, our accountants and Bank Manager are forever grateful.

In work time she enjoys annoying the boss by constantly badgering him to get information to her. Outside of work, she spends as much time as can ‘getting away’ with the family. She enjoys buying and selling houses.

Lauren Macer

Customer Care

Customer Care is in the young but capable hands of Lauren, probably the most patient person on the face of the planet. Seemingly unrufflable, she quietly and efficiently deals with enquires and queries from new and old clients alike. Working closely with the Operations department and in particular our Client Account Manager, the two make a formidable team.

She could be the Mrs Alchemy to his Mr Alchemy, but that would be weird. She enjoys making coffee for her colleagues. Outside work she has a young child, so has no private time at all.


The Office Dog

Alfie, the delivery drivers best friend, Bennett, has been our resident trip hazard and all-around fine office canine for a number of years now.

When not chasing men in white vans, he is found either lying around, searching out our sandwiches or entertaining us with an impressive ‘sit up and beg’ routine. He is an important member of our team and reminds us on those difficult days that life isn’t so bad after all.

If you are looking for a friendly, professional service with no hidden costs and a superb end result – Just call Alchemy!